What is a Dogman?

The term "Dogman" typically refers to a mythical or cryptid creature reported in North American folklore. It's often described as a bipedal creature with the body of a muscular man and the head of a dog or wolf, featuring pointed ears and sometimes reported with glowing eyes. Accounts of the Dogman vary, but it's generally depicted as a frightening and elusive creature. This legend shares similarities with other mythical creatures like werewolves and is part of local folklore in various regions, particularly in the Midwest United States. The Michigan Dogman, for instance, is a well-known version of this legend.

As with many cryptids, there's a mix of anecdotal sightings, folklore, and speculative theories about its existence, but no scientific evidence supports the existence of such a creature. The Dogman remains a popular subject in cryptozoology and folklore studies.